2020-21 Criterium Series (Update#2)


13 days to go!

Important things to do:

  • Visit the Criterium-Series AMCC (vlcc.org.au) website page and read the Guide & Rules, and other matters asociated with the Series.
  • Note that Teams racing will not be starting until 21 October 2020 (1840, and 1845 as usual).
  • Register leaving your selves enough time to get to the start line at least 5 minutes bfore the start of your race.
  • Any problem with your grading speak to Philip Norris  (0401719671) before race night. Please don't hassle the registration desk staff.

Grade riders should note that becuse of the economic impact COVID-19 there will be no Consitency Award this Series.

Normal grade prize moey will be awarded and handed out on the night of each race. 

Any questions Brenton Thain (0417892352), or Philip Norris (0401719671).